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Our Mission
Be a reliable source to verify highly skilled PDR technicians

Potential customers and clients will have instant access to the profile and work history of any ARC member marketing to them for reference. ARC uses simple QR code/URL code markings unique to each verified member. Customers verifying will not have to navigate the ARC site and will go directly to the technician’s personal digital postcard.

Consistency in the Workplace

ARC creates and monitors a comprehensive plan for conditions and procedures in our workplace.

Active declaration products

ARC members can use their ARC brand logo and individual QR code/URL code in daily marketing such as print, invoicing, and vehicle markings. All ARC declaration products are designed for daily use and last an entire career. Each member will have access to files for use of the logo in various ways including website, print and clothing to enhance each member’s brand image.

Authentic peer based verification

PDR is a “time and talent” career pursuit. In short, PDR is a craft. We are the only experts in our field and our Mastery scores come from our expert peer panel anonymously.

We award the following certificates
PDR Repair Master Img
Hail Repair Master Img