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Adam Smith

Livingston, TN United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is Adam.

Age: 29   I serve in Tn  I am a self  taught technician with  a broad understanding of the automotive  industry.  What i enjoy most about Pdr : I have  experienced every aspect of vehicle repair and have found that pdr is the most rewarding.  The challenges of   removing one door ding or hundreds of hail dents is what keeps me motivated each one is a learning process and with every push  I become a better technician.  

What I enjoy about ARC: it's a privilege to be involved with an organization that recognizes PDR technicians. A go-to list of highly accredited technicians is a must in this age of automotive repair.  in the years to come ARC will become a standard in the business,something that repair facilities, insurance companies, and individuals alike can rely on.