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Tim Childers

Jacksonville, IL United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is Tim.

Current VP of the NAPDRT and one of the founding members. Vale Master Craftsman and ARC Master Tech Certified. MTE Lifetime Achievement Award. PDRN Leadership Excellence Award. ProDent PDR in west central Illinois. Started working on cars right out of high school working in body shops in the 1970s. I learned PDR in the mid nineties from a tech that worked for one of the oldest companies in central IL, Gary Morse with Dent Magic. Just after the dawn of the new century I found Doording,com and Dentnetwork on the web and began to find out that there were so much more in techniques and tools than what I ever knew existed. Most all of the tools I had made myself up to that point other than a set that was bought from a local dealer that had sat in the corner for a few years there. I can't thank people like Ricky Bayne and Tom Price (who was the first PDR tech I met in person other than Gary). Many others have contributed to the tech I am. From Doording and Ricky I have found many lifelong friends. Age: 58, married with three children and seven grandchildren. I love WWII history along with military aircraft and sprint car dirt racing. Amateur Radio Operator for nearly 30 years with an Amateur Extra class license, K9CQ.