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Dave Streen

Chandler, AZ United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is Dave.

What makes my PDR story a little different is that I have been lucky enough to have working in just about every facet of the industry; from wholesale route work, mobile retail, owned several brick and mortar shops and even a body shop, global hail operations working and running storms in a dozen countries, PDR Tool Company, Website Design and other marketing, coaching / mentoring and more. I have worked on dozens of cars for celebrities and was even asked to repair the hail damage on the space shuttle.

About the only part I have not participated in would be that I never trained a single new guy. While I have done quite a bit of advanced training, I have never brought a single guy into the industry.

The one thing I noticed that stays the same regardless of which part if PDR you are in is that there are guys making millions and guys going broke regardless of how hard they work or how good their skills are. Sure those factors play a part, but the biggest difference is their systems and strategies, their marketing and their network. This is where my passion is and there is nothing I enjoy more than learning new things to help my many friends and clients reach new levels.

I love the PDR Industry and the great people in it! This industry has given me and my family everything and I am at the stage of my life and career that it is time to give back and this is the part I love the most of all! I hope I get the chance to help you reach your dreams too!