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Douglas Brown

Wichita, KS United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is Douglas.

I started as a metal worker in the Marine Corps, 1991 bought a Dent Doctor Franchise, less then a year later was sued by Dent Dr (I won). Started work in a large hometown new car dealership as (maybe) the first "in house" Dent tech. After starting my new job, 19 days later the dealership received a large hailstorm and a man by the name of Kirk Stanton showed up, and began to teach me more about working for a dealership and how to manage a hailstorm.
By 1993 I had moved my small dent business to a brick and mortar shop in Dodge Shitty Kansas, and in 1995 left that to become strictly a hail chaser.
Early in the 2000's it became fashionable to chase hail overseas, the Late Tom Nations (RIP) asked me to go over to Europe and help DW at the Mercedes Benz factory. After a few other overseas storms, in 2003 I started as the Instructor for USDentools in Olathe Ks, after 2 years I resigned and the owner (Lee Shapiro) bankrupted USDentools and that was the end of them.
In 2006 I was very lucky to land a position with a middle east company and worked hail in Kuwait City, nearing the end, I received a call from the owner of another local dealership that my wife worked for, asking if I'd come back and help fix the inventory. That turned into a 10 year run as another in house dent tech for the dealer and the body shop.
2016 I chose to go back on the road and strictly chase hail (again).
I freely admit, I am one of the luckiest people out there. This career has let me see our Country and the World, earned enough income to put my children threw college, and most importantly take care of my family and those around me.
2017 I was blessed and honored to be nominated and elected to the Board of Directors for #NAPDRT.
2018 once again blessed and honored to have been put in contact with David Haxton, and receive the ARC certification for hail repair.
The amount of talented people I have met in my years and the advances I have seen in our industry is mind boggling.

The direction and future of Paintless Dent removal is now in the hands of younger and more talented individuals then any of us could have ever forecasted.
This is and has been the best career choice of my life, and I wouldn't change any part of it.
I have met some of the most outstanding people of my life threw this thing called PDR.
Thank you for letting me share my story.