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Shawn Harper

Comanche , TX United States

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Hailrepair master

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Hi! My name is Shawn .

Hi , my name is Shawn Harper . My company’s name is Perfection Dent Repair . My admiration for vehicles started at a very early age , especially performance and quality. My earliest memories were flying down the hiway in my fathers 63 Studebaker Avanti , and then racing stoplights in my stepfathers 351 Windsor /4 speed powered 64 Ford Sprint Falcon . By age 14 I could quote casting numbers of all Chevrolet’s performance heads.Its no wonder that I ended up spending my life’s career in this field .I also grew up with the influence of my Uncle who was close personal friends of the late Zig Zigglar and his “Red Head “. I think he changed my whole life when he showed me how to erase my “ Stinkin Thinkin”.
I’ve worked in just about every aspect of of the auto industry including sales,parts, installations, aftermarket accessories,service,management ( middle and
Upper).I strived for excellence and achieved lots of success, well , a living anyway, that and a closet full of awards and certificates. But I still wasn’t fulfilled... I became an entrepreneur at the age of 28 .I pushed forward and ended up opening Auto Tint Plus in the metroplex .. that’s where PDR crossed my path for the first time .I made a trip to Anson to purchase a beginner set of PDR tools .To my surprise when I arrived at the dealership to make my fortune, my main duty was R&I because of my previous installation experience.
My first bout with PDR on my own was a used car dealership that encouraged me to fix any and everything on his cars , at the same time had me installing his alarms , stereo systems , and tint . That evolved into subbing me out to the local dealerships , which launched my career.. I have never looked back . I’ve had great success, and a few failures, but mostly my success comes one customer at a time ,when I look back over a completed repair and deliver it proudly. I’ve had a personal policy to not charge for a repair I didn’t think was repaired , so it forced me to be persistent for quality. I refuse to work on a vehicle “ just to make it look a little better “... my pride is in the faces of the costumer when they see their vehicle for the first time after the repair ... that will never get old . Unfortunately, I will , but not yet !..these examples to follow are by far not my greatest accomplishments , but are what I have at hand at the moment . Until this year I have not seen the need to document my work , but this field is changing rapidly , I think for the better with forums like this .