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Mark Buchanan

Watkins, CO United States

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Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is Mark.

I started doing bodywork in my parents garage at 13 years old [two months before turning 14].I purchased and sold 26 vehicles before turning 16 years old making a profit on everyone.At 16 years old [1986] I started a job in the summer and after school as an auto bodyman/painter apprentice. Within months moved right up to doing my own vehicles from start to finish.After 13 years [1999] and 9 paint schools I was introduced to paintless dent removal.I quit painting vehicles and started a no income practicing PDR for 9 months.After the 9 months,I started chasing hail.Still today I am a full-time hail chaser.Traveling all over the world repairing hail damage vehicles.On weekends I spend my time at car shows,drag strips,circle track racing,or caring for my own personal car collection.Throughout my life,I always never looked at work as work.I always loved working on other peoples cars whether it is auto body or PDR like it was my own.I have been a die-hard car guy ever since I was a toddler and always will be.