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William (Blue) Newberry

La Grange, NC United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is William (Blue).

I got into this field by pure accident, I am a certified welder by trade for almost 30 years. One day over some beers my brother ask if I would like to go with him next season to chase Hail. Sure why not needed some time away from welding. Needless to say after the first week I was hooked. Finished the year out with him got in touch with Mike Sewald for his school. I went to school he had me working on Hail cars after my 2 week in school, we did 3 cars ( made some good money while going to school). Finished the school on a high note. Needless to say it’s all history after that. Travel with my wife and dogs with our fifth wheel RV, enjoy fishing and grilling. Big thanks to Mike for getting me to where I am at in this business.