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Keegan McManus

McKinney , TX United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is Keegan.

My career started in 2002 when I was 17 my high school job was at a welding/ Bodyshop. In 2003 I started doing mobile paint and body. I took on bigger and bigger jobs until I opened a Bodyshop. At the ripe age of 26 I decided to make a career change to PDR. After selling my paint and body business I pursued a local PDR technician to train me. With my love of cars I worked hard at my new craft and still do to this day. I enjoy keeping my brain stimulated and challenging myself and PDR does that each and everyday. With my career starting in paint and body I understand how effective PDR is not only from a cost stand point but keeping your original paint and the value of your car intact. Next time you have a small door ding, hail damage, or large dent come check us out.