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Daniel Gromm

Santa Rosa, CA United States

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Hi! My name is Daniel.

Daniel Gromm Dent Dynamics
Starting out as a mobile Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) tech in 1993 I founded Dent Dynamics. Immediately I saw a need for new tool designs so I started a Paintless Dent Removal tool company. In 1994 I opened my first retail location.  When I first started out the public wasn’t aware of PDR and my retail business was slow in the beginning.  I offered PDR training to new techs and tool sales to supplement my income.  The extra income helped to keep my retail location open in the early days.  I found out that I enjoyed designing tools rather than manufacturing them.  At that time, I was the only tool maker forging flat tools which were very expensive, but in my opinion a better way of making thinner stronger tools.  When more tool companies came into the market I got out, but I still enjoyed designing new tools for our industry.  
In 2007, I designed the worlds first Motorcycle PDR system.  The system includes the Tank Vice (that will hold any make and model of motorcycle tank and fender) and specifically designed for motorcycles tanks. I am proud to say that all of my tools are made in the US.
  Repairing motorcycle tanks can be extremely difficult even for a seasoned veteran and for me it was a new challenge. One of the things I enjoy most is helping motorcycle owners restore their vintage motorcycles.
After moving my location a couple of times I decided to purchase a building in 2007 where my business currently resides.  My building’s location was deal which was located next to a busy mall and easily seen off the freeway.  Which everyone tells you, location location location.  
I feel it is important to have a fun atmosphere in my shop.  I incorporated my hobby of collecting gas, oil and vending machine memorabilia into a 1950s theme.  In the 1950s, the love affair of the automobile was born. People used to name their cars and families would take Sunday drives just for fun.  I want to keep that love affair alive in my shop.  When you used to pull up to a gas station you would hear the familiar sound “ding ding” of the bell and the attendant would greet you with a smile, you really got fantastic “service”.   Great service is what I strive for in my shop.  
2016 PDR Tool Time podcast co-host with Myke Toledo, Vince D’Alessandro, John Highley.
2018 developing a new PDR Glue for motorcycles “Hawg PDR Glue” and Hawg Tabs