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Chung Kwong (C.K) Chan

St.Charles, MO United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Hi! My name is Chung Kwong (C.K).

In 1996... I came across into automotive industries and found where I belong...... At first I wanted to learn everything to taken care of my very FIRST brand new car that I own I started working in a car dealership to detailing .....then I learned to fix under the hood when engine issues be a mechanic...then I move on to doing window tiniting ...... then to car radio ,alarm,t.v system, cruise control thing lead to the other.... I came across an opportunity to learn PDR and I took the chance.... I've been loving it ever since in this PDR industries , it fulfill my PASSION to FIX !!!.....So I 've been on a journey to perfecting the skill in repairing Hail Damaged in Vehicles for the more then 10 years now.... It is my Love and Pride of what I love to do !!!