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John J Scatto Jr

Bridgewater , MA United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is John J .

Hi my name is John J Scatto Jr the owner operator of Rpm Dent Repair in Raynham, Ma . I was introduced to PDR ( paintless Dent Repair ) in 1991 I was only 18 which I was excited to tell my father about cause he was in the body shop industry. It wasn’t until he told me he didn’t think he could learn it due to his eyes . DW then approached me at a Lexus dealer I was working at and that’s when I realized that this was for me and not my father .I have been around my fathers body shops since birth but I was now going on my journey in PDR industry.I trained and certified in 1994 with DW and then DW master certified in 1996 and worked for DW until 2003 . In those years I also traveled from 2000 to 2006 fixing hail damage cars around the US.I have been doing retail and working with insurance companies thru my whole career.I am level 2 IMI certified to power down any electric vehicle. I have recently opened a retail location that I am very passionate about had we tore down and rebuilt the building. I am so honored and blessed to be in this industry and to be working with the best PDR people in the world !!