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Yuliya Crystall

Aurora , CO United States

Professional Credentials

Hailrepair master

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is Yuliya .

Hello my name is Yulia . I originally started working on cars overseas specializing in detail , buffing and painting autos . I have an extreme passion for PDR and expressed an interest in it a few years ago . My eye for detail goes unmatched and only strive for the best quality possible . I specialize in both Hail repairs and Hybrid PDR collision dents
. I will continue my journey in this business as long as I possibly can and will continue to only do my BEST ! I use only the finest tools possible and also love Glue pull repairs . I don’t know what the future holds but so far it’s looking very promising for me and my industry . I love a challenge and test my abilities every chance I get .