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Michael Lehl

Independence , MO United States

Professional Credentials

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is Michael .

My PDR Story

I was shown the idea of paintless dent repair when i was very young. It was on a weds night during church service. Mom made sure Dad and I always went. I'm 10ish, listening to the cool noises outside as thunderstorm settles in. Out of know where the skies opened up and all hail breaks loose, literally. My Parents and i drove home after church. The house had the living room windows broke out. Dad had a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, light Blue! The hood had a few dents in it and one big one on the fender. I remember Dad shaking his head and laughing , while listening to mom flipping out about the living room windows, as I'm trying to push out this big dent on the hood with my thumb. " Kids". Dad just shaking his head. I remember saying to Dad. "I can fix it."
I didn't realize it and put 2 and 2 together until quit a few years later. I think were given hints in life as we go along. We just need to look around a little.
That was mine!
I started doing Paintless Dent Repair in 1994, I was 24!!