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David White

Berlin, CT United States

Professional Credentials

Pdrrepair master

Hi! My name is David.

Started my career back in 1997 with the Wiz like many. Was a route tech for most of my stay. Ive done some retail and commercial hail jobs, worked in their retail facility, and managed for them for a few years at Manheim and Adesa auctions. I did my best to help the Wiz transform in 2015 with new leadership roles to expand our tools and advanced training with fellow technicians Reed and Violet. We also created a facebook page to bring more technicians together and have more unity within. This was also the start of the MTE showing of the Dent Wizard team.
I decided my time had expired finally at the end of 2019 and left the Wiz in the Spring of 2020.
Once I left I formed my own business CT Dent Worx. Its been just about 2 years now. I wanted to shift my focus to retail and have some actual value to my work. I was tired of how fast and how cheap in the wholesale world.
Thats my story for PDR
Outside Im a Husband and dad. I have an understanding wife and two amazing girls, they are my world!